Continuing a Legacy of Conservation

Exceptional Meat from an Exceptional Place

The land that our farm is on has been in the family for 55 years. 

Holly’s mom and dad purchased this land in the 1960s as a haven for their family. He was a forester by trade, and deeply committed to conservation. He and the family planted thousands of trees on the property and cared for the entire ecosystem. They participated in many conservation projects as a family, even waiting to mow the fields until the ground birds were done nesting in them.

The values of conservation and the way that Holly’s family treated the land are our inspiration for continuing to care for it. 

Growing up, Holly and her family spent their summers on this land. They all contributed to the work needed to

improve the quality of the forest. Learning about conservation gave them a great sense of how personal actions impact the environment. 

When Holly moved full time to the farm in 2008, the land was in great condition. 

All of the decades of conservation efforts had yielded a rich, vibrant ecosystem. Holly began raising goats,

horses, and chickens on the non-forested parts of the land. She wanted a connection to nature and animals but didn’t intend to run a whole farm. 

Hank was farming in Michigan, raising Icelandic sheep and pasture-raised chickens.

He Farmed with draft horses and made maple syrup. He intended to move to Indiana to farm with his family when we met online. Instead, he visited Holly and the girls at the farm and decided to move here.

We started raising animals for meat in 2015. We had each experienced various health problems and were amazed by how much better we felt eating heritage breed meat raised on healthy pastures. We were also blown away by the incredible flavor of the meat. 

We knew that we couldn’t keep meat this delicious and nutritionally dense to ourselves.

Our goal is to use rotational grazing and regenerative practices to raise the best meat possible and simultaneously improve the open land on the farm just like Holly’s dad strengthened the forests. 

Exceptional meat and environmental sustainability go hand in hand at Plumb Rocky Farm. We look forward to sharing them with you. 

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