Returning to the Craft of Farming

Raising Heritage Breed Animals Humanely and Regeneratively

At Plumb Rocky Farm, our goal is to produce truly delicious, nutritionally dense food that benefits the eaters and the environment. 

Farming has become about manufacturing food as cheaply and quickly as possible. We’ve lost the art at the cost of flavor and nutritional value.

We provide outstanding care for our animals and our land, no matter the cost or effort. All of our animals spend their entire lives grazing on pasture. We utilize the regenerative farming practice of rotational grazing to ensure that land gains as much as the animals do. Moving the groups of animals frequently gives the plants and soil time to recover and grow back even more lushly. 

We seek out the best farming practices (even when they are also the most challenging) to always provide you with exceptional meats.

Our farming practices center the land, the animals, and you.

Grass Fed

All of our beef, veal, lamb, and goat is 100% grass fed and finished. The rich, nutritionally dense meat is as good for health as it is delicious.


Our pigs and chickens receive non-GMO feed. It is better for the planet and better for the animal’s health. 


Our entire farming process is regenerative and designed to strengthen our soil. We practice rotational grazing to get more seeds and organic matter into the soil. It's extremely important to us that our animals are healthy and so it our land.

Heritage Breed

We are passionate about the breeds of our animals. Heritage breeds help maintain biodiversity, lead healthier lives, and taste better than conventional breeds. We are proud to be able to bring them to your plate. 

Humane Treatment

Manure is amazing for soil. It builds topsoil and adds nutrients and water back in. We are improving our soil each year simply by having animals graze the land. They are happily and naturally nourished... and so is our soil!  

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