Unique. Convenient. With Care.

Exceptional meats direct from the farm

Three Convenient Delivery Options 

Enjoy the best meat whether you are near or far!

1 Pick Up at Farmers Markets

2 Pick Up at Drop Locations

3 Come to the Farm

Close to Home

Drop/Pick-up Locations

Every Friday in Fayetteville, Cazenovia, and Hamilton!!

Fayetteville 3-3:30 pm Tops parking lot near City Bank

Cazenovia 4:15-4:30 End of the lake Parking Lot on RT 20 and 92.

Hamilton 5-5:15 Price Chopper Parking Lot near Bassett and Airport RD

Available weekly so your Meal planning is easier. Pick-up locations are now "Close to Home" to make it more convenient for you.  You can cut down on errands without sacrificing flavor or quality.

Get heritage breed meat delivered to convenient Drop Locations

Hamilton, Cazenovia, and Fayetteville

Order Minimum: $25.00

Delivery Fee: $ 5.00  Which is waved with a $50.00 order


Pick up at the Farmers Market

Skip the line!

Place an order ahead of time then visit us at the Farmers Market to pick it up.

Ensure that you get your favorite cuts without having to get to the market first thing.

Order Minimum: none

Delivery Fee: $0

Come to the Farm

See firsthand where your food comes from.

Get your meat straight from the source when you pick it up on the farm.

Place an order online then pick up at the farm. 

Order Minimum: none

Delivery Fee: $0

Common Questions

There is $5.00 delivery fee, Waved with $50.00 order for " Close to Home "pickup orders ONLY. There is no fee for Market pick-up or Farm pick-up
Our order deadline is Wedsday for Close to Home pick-up and Thursady for Farm and Market pick-up. Orders will be prepared and available for pick up at drop Locations and the Farm on Friday and Market pick-up on Saturdays.
There is no order minimum for pickup at the farmers market or on the farm. There is an order maximum of $25.00 for Close to Home Pick-up locations.
There are two ways to thaw frozen meat.

If you’re planning ahead, take the meat out of the freezer and place it on a plate on the bottom shelf of your fridge for 24-48 hours. Meat that has been thawed in this manner can remain in the fridge for 4-5 days before being cooked and can also be safely refrozen.

If you are in a hurry, take the meat out of the freezer and place it in a bowl of cold water in the sink. Change the water every 30 minutes until the meat has thawed. This method is much faster, but the meat must be cooked immediately and cannot be refrozen.

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