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Exceptional meat direct from Leonardsville, NY

Jersey Beef • Rose Veal • Icelandic Lamb
Ossabaw Island Pork • and More!

We’ve gotten so far away from what good food should be. 

Finding distinctive, nutritionally dense meat shouldn’t be a challenge. 

Feel confident about filling your plate from our farm.  

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We promise you:

High quality food worth celebrating.

The best food is nutritionally dense and exciting for the palate. We raise high quality food because it’s what we like to eat. Raising and preparing food is a craft that we can celebrate at every meal. 

Hard-to-find heritage breeds.

We seek out heritage breeds for their taste and nutritional value. They may be less economical to raise than industrial breeds, but the extra flavor in every perfect bite makes it all worth it. Experience the magic of heritage meat.

Humane farming practices that benefit the environment.

Our regenerative farming practices help to combat climate change. We are actively increasing the amount of organic matter in our fields to sequester carbon and hold water. Raising animals doesn’t need to harm the planet. Raising them well can help save it.

Experience the wonders of better food. 

Become a part of the Plumb Rocky Farm Family. 

Unique. Convenient. With Care.

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We Farm So That You Can Eat Well!

We started raising animals so that we could eat the best tasting and healthiest meat. Once we realized how good it was, and how much better for our health and the planet, we knew we had to share. Some might say that we care too much about our animals, but we think it’s the perfect amount to produce exceptional food for you, our treasured customers. 

Discerning Eaters Love Our Meat

Ethical and humane farm that specializes in raising heritage breed pork, lamb and goat meat using organic methods. Great quality and flavor.
Ted O'Bryan
High quality meats with great taste! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Kris Svee
The owners were quick to help and chat a bit about their farm and how well cared for the animals are which is important to me. I purchased a beautiful ribeye and amazing bacon. Both products were so delicious and worth every penny! I will definitely be back for more.
Brandon Frederick
Best bacon I've ever had!!! Pork chops and lamb are amazing.
Dan Meyer
Plumb Rocky produces outstanding meat. This is the way food should be. It is all delicious, whether rose veal, ribs, sausage, pork, or anything else. Great food from great people.
Michael Salter
Great quality and taste. We like their meat so much we bought a 2nd chest freezer!
Ted O’Bryan
THE GOAT IS DELICIOUS. I highly recommend it! It was flavorful and not tough and grisly like goat can often be! It was tender and tasted amazing in an Indian curry sauce!
Connor Barrett
We now buy all of our meat from Plumb Rocky. Everything we’ve had has been wonderful—pork, beef, veal, goat. And it just feels right to buy from kind and friendly folks who clearly care about their animals and the community! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Kerry Ann King

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