Bacon  -- Pork

Bacon -- Pork

approximately a pound
$18.75 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

If you want to discover the magic of Ossabaw Island pork, our bacon is a great place to start!

Our bacon is made from the bellies of our pasture-raised Ossabaw Island Hogs. It's cured before being smoked and sliced.

Ossabaw Island Hogs have a distinct muscle and fat structure that is especially evident in the bacon. The surfaces are smaller than conventional bacon and have a bit more fat. Some of the fat is firm like classic bacon, while other parts are smooth and buttery. The superior unsaturated fat is full of flavor and beneficial for our health.

There isn't much that this bacon won't enhance! We recommend cooking it in a skillet or in the oven until it reaches your preferred crispness. Then add it to a Cobb salad, Place it on a burger, or make the best BLT possible. We also like to wrap our filet mignon in bacon for extra flavor!

Each package of plumb Rocky Farm bacon weighs approximately a pound and contains four to six servings, but we wouldn't tell if you want it all for yourself.

Fun fact: Ossabaw meat has an incredible flavor and darker Rich red color than conventional pork breeds. It is so red that even our nitrate-free bacon stays pink without additives.

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