Chicken soup/ stock frames

Chicken soup/ stock frames

approximately 3.0 lbs priced per package
Save $2.50

Priced per package, 

Our chicken soup parts are the carcasses of cut-up chickens. They are fantastic for stock, bone broth, soup, and much more. They have some chicken meat and bone packed full of nutrient-dense goodness and flavor. Roast them first for added richness or just drop them in the crock pot or instant pot. I slow-cook the bones with a little vinegar and water for 20 hours for a rich nutritious stock. Now you have a starter to make gravy, soups, or even chicken, and biscuits.  Approximately 3.0 LB and 2 per package

Our chickens are raised on pasture and certified Organic grain. They are moved daily to Fresh fields to forage eating bugs and grass, enhancing their natural flavor and nutrition.

We don’t use antibiotics or hormones; they are naturally raised and processed. They are not injected with water, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, tenderizers, or anything else synthetic—no yucky stuff in our chickens.

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