Offal From Beef -- Rose Veal -- Lamb -- Goat --Pork

Offal From Beef -- Rose Veal -- Lamb -- Goat --Pork

Varies by the piece
$7.50 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Offal is the name given to the edible internal parts of animals produced for food, including the heart, kidney, liver, and tongue. Some of our customers grind the offal up with ground beef or rose veal to increase nutrition and protein.

Then there are Tongue Tacos and many other great recipes to enjoy the bits and pieces.

We also carry Beef and Rose Veal tendons for making stock.

Raw dog food is also made with offal.

We carry all of these. You can request what you want and how many in the comment area with your order. We will contact you and coordinate the details. We can also finalize this through text as well. 315-335-7520

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