Top Sirloin Steak --Rose Veal

Top Sirloin Steak --Rose Veal

a little over a half pound
$18.50 /lb.
Avg. 0.68 lb.

It’s hard to beat the top sirloin when it comes to versatile, delicious, easy-to-cook steaks! 

Top Sirloin is cut from the hindquarter of our rose veal. Each steak is lean with a relatively fine grain. 

Because the meat is so lean, it’s best to cook this cut hot and fast to lock in the juices and keep it tender. Marinate with garlic and herbs to add extra flavor before grilling or pan-searing to a medium rare or medium finish. Allow to rest, then slice against the grain and serve atop a steak salad or alongside your favorite farm fresh vegetables. 

Top Sirloin cooks quickly which makes it the perfect dinner after a long day of hiking or gardening. 

Each package of Plumb Rocky Farm veal top sirloin Steak weighs just over half of a pound which is enough to serve one to two people. 

** Rose veal comes from Jersey cows raised on pasture alongside their mothers so that they eat a diet of milk and grass. The meat has beautiful yellow fat and marbling, and a rich, almost red color. Our veal is tender and incredibly flavorful. **

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