Grass Fed Goat: Natural casing

100% Grass Fed. Smooth flavor. Lean meat.

Hot Italian Sausage - Goat

approximately 1 LB

Save $1.00 /lb.
$12.50 /lb.
$13.50 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Grass Fed Goat

Our goat is 100% grass-fed, and 100% delicious.

We raise our goats outdoors on pasture where they eat a 100% grass fed diet. The resulting meat is full of flavor, but not gamey. Instead it has a smoother, almost creamy flavor. It’s lean and full of nutrients.

If you are a fan of beef and lamb, why not add goat into your cooking rotation as well? It cooks as quickly as lamb, and the rich flavor pairs excellently with strong spices and sauces.
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