Fish grill Steam Bake Saute Sockeye

Wild for Salmon


approximately .5 LB ---2 patties

Lox style Smoke Salmon

4 OZ package of thin sliced Lox style Smoked Salmon

Plain Sockeye Salmon Burgers

approximately .5 LB ---2 patties

Sockeye Salmon Portion

approximately 6 OZ

Wild for Salmon CAUGHT WILD, NEVER FARMED Know that your seafood is being caught fresh from the wild, by real Alaskan fishermen. All freshly caught seafood is flash-frozen to preserve its wild Alaskan flavor and then shipped directly to Plumb Rocky Farm. COOK IT UP AND DIVE IN Enjoy a healthy and hearty meal of wild seafood that's easy to cook and simply delicious.
Sockeye Salmon Wild Alaska Salmon Wild-caught Alaskan fish
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